XW12-Li (1.2 Ton Lithium- ion Battery Pallet Truck)


  •  Li-ion powered pallet truck contributing to cleaner environment and longer life
  •  Lifting capacity of 1.2 ton @ 600m Load center
  •  Powered lift and drive
  •  Plug and play quick charging
  •  BMS - Battery Management System enables protection from over charge or over discharge

Salient Features

Lithium Battery Features

  • Low Selfweight
  • Maintenance Free
  • Completely sealed, no air pollution when charging
  • Faster Charging
  • Opportunity Charge
  • Maintenance Free

    Lithium-ion battery uses enclosed design, thus it's truly maintenance free


    Lithium-ion battery has passed rigorous tests, including collision, extrusion, needing, burning, high and low temperature to ensure the safety.


    After 2000 cycles of regular charging and discharging, battery capacity of the lithium-ion battery can still remain 70% appr.

    Energy Saving

    Comparing with lead-acid battery's 80% charging rate, lithium-ion battery's charging rate can be 90%


    There will be no metal contamination during the productive process of lithium-ion batteries. No acid mist will be produced when using the batteries. Lithium-ion battery is beneficial to the well being of our environment.

    BMS Monitor features

  • Over charge protection
  • Over discharge protect
  • Over current protect
  • Over temperature protect
  • Charger Features

    Fast, compact, smart

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