Solid Fuel Fired Vertical Thermal Oil Heater with stationary combustor The perfect solution for every indirect heating requirement

The Vertical Thermopac is the perfect answer to the ever changing energy / fuel situation. The vertical design offers compactness, multi-fuel flexibility, and is ideal for heating applications in textile, plywood, chemicals, food, edible oil, rubber, leather and all other industries requiring indirect heating. Thermax, pioneers in thermic fluid heating in India, leverages over four decades of extensive R & D experience and pioneering track record in the combustion of over 100 different kinds of solid fuels.
  • • Design adopts principles of DIN and API codes
  • • Air pre-heater improves combustion efficiency and ensures lower power consumption of ID fan
  • • Precise thermic fluid temperature control
  • • Low flow alarm to prevent coil tube overheating and choking
  • • Safety relief valve to prevent high pressure conditions
  • • Level indicator and float actuated level switch to signal drop in thermic fluid levels
  • • Adequate furnace volume and heat transfer surface to ensure higher thermal efficiency
  • • Modular assembly to facilitate quick and easy installation Dedicated DG set to keep thermic fluid in circulation during power failure

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Product offering

  • Vertical closed loop thermal oil heating
  • Capacity - 4,00,000 to 30,00,000 Kcal/hr
  • Operating temperature - 280 C
  • Fuel - Coal, lignite, sawdust, wood logs, wood chips, paddy husk, bagasse and petcoke
  • Options available

  • Operating temperature - 300ºC
  • Combination fuel firing
  • Saw dust, bagasse, lignite and petcoke firing
  • Screw and rotary feeder
  • Capacities up to 4 million kCal/ hr
  • Complete boiler house and accessories on turnkey basis
  • Separate deaerator and expansion tanks with multiple units
  • Controls and safeties

  • Low thermic fluid flow cut-off
  • High thermic fluid outlet temperature cut-off
  • Precise thermic fluid temperature control
  • Low level cut-off in deaerator tank
  • Safety valve for protection against high pressure