N-IBR Instant Steam Generator
Revomax is a 3 pass, once through, forced circulation design compact N-IBR plug & play unit. With multi-fuel firing options (one at a time) viz. FO, LDO, HSD, NG and LPG, it is the most efficient instant steam generator in its class, preferred by process industries and the hospitality segment for decades.

Unique design features

Reverse Flame Technology

  • Provides ample residence time
  • Ensures complete combustion
  • Maintains consistent high thermal efficiency
  • Unique Membrane Coil Design

  • Uniform heat transfer leading to enhanced coil life
  • Economiser-Optimiser Combination

  • Helps oxygen scavenging, reducing pitting corrosion
  • Ensures reduction in heat loss
  • Cyclonic Steam Separator

  • Assures steam dryness up to 92%
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