Rammer R35P


All Rammer hammers come fully CE compliant , supplied by Sandvik, Lahti, Finland. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards.
  • Vibration and sound suppressed
  • Idle blow protection (field adjustable ON/OFF)
  • RAMLUBE II Greasing system
  • RAMDATA II service indicator
  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • Nitrogen piston accumulator
  • Pressure dampening membrane accumulator
  • Quick change tool system
  • Easy to service
  • Moil point tool
  • Standard chisel tool
  • Customised special tool
  • Blunt tool
  • Super blunt tool
  • Pyramid tool
  • Ramlube II
    Lubrication system for optimum wear and impact protection

  • Ramdata II
    Gives information abpout service interval status, service history and accumulates working history
  • Features

    Unbeatable Performance

    The new Rammer Performance Line hammers are your everyday solution for a wide range of breaking demands. Designed with proven Rammer features and standards, these Rammer Performance line hammers offer more than just excellent power -to-weight ratio. They bring the quality reassurance that of only a true Rammer hammer

    Increase your productivity

    This is one of the most reliable hammers and always available for production. Powerful strokes from superior piston design. Piston Accumulator gives back energy and utilized energy from return strokes. Optimum clarance between the hydraulic components, piston design, stone claw, etc. ensure that the customer return on investment is high by way of improved productivity

    Ease of service & maintanance costs

  • Simple tool retaining system +
  • Reliable , simple and easy replace of tool anywhere in a matter of minutes. Retaining pins are round in shape and are free to rotate while breaker is in operation. Single stage positive locking. Less spare parts, highly reliable and patented design. Very few drilled holes in the front head and housings make it stronger and quiet.
  • Ramlube II +
  • Machine - mounted greasing device comes as standard. It provides correct greasing level to protect the tool and tool bushings and reduce owning and operating costs. One of the most reliable grease system in the industry.
  • Ramdata II +
  • Records breaker operating data and maintanance data electronically. It also indicates service interval, so that field technician does not miss the regular service. the analysed data also useful in optimising the productivity and usage. The patented innovation comes as standard.

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