All Rammer hammers come fully CE compliant , supplied by Sandvik, Lahti, Finland. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards.

  • • Vibration and sound suppressed
  • • Fully enclosed, heavy duty housing
  • • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • • Nitrogen piston accumulator
  • • Easy to service
  • • Moil point tool
  • • Chisel tool
  • • Blunt tool
  • • Pyramid tool

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Unbeatable Performance

The new Rammer Performance Line hammers are your everyday solution for a wide range of breaking demands. Designed with proven Rammer features and standards, these Rammer Performance line hammers offer more than just excellent power -to-weight ratio. They bring the quality reassurance that of only a true Rammer hammer

Increase your productivity

This is one of the most reliable hammers and always available for production. Powerful strokes from superior piston design. Piston Accumulator gives back energy and utilized energy from return strokes. Optimum clarance between the hydraulic components, piston design, stone claw, etc. ensure that the customer return on investment is high by way of improved productivity

Ease of service & maintanance

Easy replacement of tool anywhere in a matter of minutes. Retaining pins are round and are free to rotate while the breaker is in operation. Membrane less technology. Very few spare parts in the breaker. Housing made of high quality, wear resistant feel

Simple and Safe

The breaker mechanism is inside the housing and is surrounded by rubber / plastic items. Hence, the breaker makes less noise and produces more rocks. It can be easily used in urban areas. the claws make it convenient to handle small boulders, The rubber parts inside the housing absorbs maximum recoil forces from breaking action and protects the excavator.