All Rammer hammers come fully CE compliant , supplied by Sandvik, Lahti, Finland. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards.

Open Positions

Minimum working weight, kg (lb) 385 (850)
Impact rate, bpm 500-1700
Operating pressure 90-140 (1305-2030)
Pressure relief, max bar (psi) 220 (3190)
Oil flow range, I/min (gal/min) 40-120 (10.6-31.7)
Back pressure, max bar (psi) 30(435)
Input power, kW (hp) 28(38)
Tool diameter, mm (in) 80(3.15)
Miniexcavator weight, allowed range t (lb) 4.0-9.5(8800-20900)
Skid steer, robot weight, allowed range t (lb) 2.6-6.3(5700-13900)
Noise level, measured sound power level, LWA, dB 120
Noise level, guaranteed sound power level, LWA, dB 124

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Increase Your Productivity

  • CBE(Constant Blow Energy)
  • Membrane type accumulattor
  • Comparison of Riding Comfort
  • Wide tool selection
  • Reliable Partner

  • Lower tool bushing with tool seal
  • Side plates attached to front head
  • Minimise Your Maintanance Costs

  • Simple tool retaining system
  • Ramlube I
  • Protect Your Working Environment

  • Pressure adjusting valve (PAV)