Rammer 1655

Rammer 1655

All Rammer hammers come fully CE compliant , supplied by Sandvik, Lahti, Finland. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards.
Minimum working weight, kg (lb) 1080(2380)
Impact rate, bpm 500-920
Operating pressure,bar (psi) 135-145 (1960-2105)
Pressure relief, max bar (psi) 190 (2755)
Pressure relief, max bar (psi) 240 (3480)
Oil flow range, I/min (gal/min) 90-130 (23.8-34.3)
Back pressure, max bar (psi) 10(145)
Input power, kW (hp) 31(42)
Tool diameter, mm (in) 115(4.53)
Carrier weight, allowed range t (lb) 12-20(26500-44100)
Noise level, measured sound power level, LWA, dB 123
Noise level, guaranteed sound power level, LWA, dB 127


Increase Your Productivity

  • FBE (Fixed Blow Energy) +
  • A built-in pressure control valve maintains hydraulic pressure levels to ensure that every blow delivers the maximum power possible for optimum productivity.
  • Membrane type accumulattor +
  • Membrane type accumulator eliminates nitrogen leakages, ensuring maximum piston acceleration and removing the need for time consuming recharging.
  • IBP (Idle Blow Protector) +
  • IBP ensures the hammer cannot be operated until pressure is placed on tool. This eliminates tie rod stress, reduces oil overheating and protects against premature failures
  • SBS (Soft Blow Sensor) +
  • SBS slows down the breaker and reduces power to minimize blank firing damage , making hammer ideal for secondary breaking. SBS, IBP or normal continous working are options on all 1655 hammers.
  • Wide tool selection
  • Reliable Partner

  • Heavy duty housing +
  • Fitted as standard, heavy duty housing feature a robust structure, minimum number of holes and plastic wear plates for optimum hammer protection and noise reduction.
  • VIDAT +
  • Vibration Dampened Tie Rods, spherical tie rod nuts and damper bushing ensures piston moves freely for longer, more productive working life.
  • Ramvalve +
  • More efficient than relief/check valves, Ramvalve defects overflow, prevents damage from system overload and protects against premature failure.
  • Top buffer and side pads +
  • The unique Rammer vibration absorption system consists of three buffers - one top buffer and two side pads - that prevent the transmission of vibration to protect both the breaker and the carrier's boom, stick and swing gears and to isolate the operator.

    Minimise Your Maintanance Costs

  • Ramdata II +
  • The Ramdata II service indicator is designed to help hammer operators and service interval status, service history and accumulated working history of the hammer.
  • Ramlube (Different options) +
  • Rammer offers two types of automatic tool greasing systems for its 1655 hammers:
    Ramlube I - Mahine-mounted
    Ramlube II - Hammer-mounted
    Both Ramlube devices provide correct greasing level to protect the tool and tool bushing and reduce owning and operating costs.
  • TS (Tool Saver) bushing +
  • All 1655 hammers can be equipped as a retrofit with a field replaceable insert that increases service life of the tool and tool bushing.

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