Hydraulic Excavator PC71

Hydraulic Excavator PC71

( Horsepower - 44.1kW 60HP @ 1900 rpm Operating Weight - 7050kg )

The PC71 is equipped with HydrauMind, Komatsu's unique hydraulic system

HydraMind system is one of the most sophisticated yet mechanically simple simple hydraulic systems currently available. HydrauMind is not computer-dependent, as it is essentially hydraulic not electronic. Its strength lies in its simplicity. The system incorporates many major breakthroughs and has earned Komatsu almost 200 patents.
Power, Versatility, manoeuverability, controllability - you name it. never has an excavator baeen so easy to operate, so natural, so intuitive. In a sense, you don't really operate it at all, you wear it.



  • Reliable Structure +
  • The rugged Boom & Arm are designed and built using the latest in technology. The cast-end boom top & mounts and reinforced arm have proven endurance in the most demanding applications.
  • Durable Engine +
  • The PC71 is powered by the fuel efficient and easy-to-maintain KOEL4R 1040 industrial engine. This engine, coupled with Komatsu's revolutionary hydraulics offers unmatched productivity.
  • Through Undercarriage +
  • The PC71 is fitted with an original Komatsu design track assembly featuring track guiding guards that prevent the track chain from slipping off the track rollers. Idler guards ensure smooth riding of tracks over the idler.
  • Heavy Duty Dozer Blade +
  • Teh heavy duty dozer blade has high drawbar pull and provides excellent dozing capability for various applications such as back-filling, levelling etc.
  • Other Features +
  • Double lock electric connectors prevent loose connections due to vibrations.

    Working Environment

  • Suspension Seat +
  • The suspension seat adjusts the height, based on the weight of the operator, making it convenient and comfortable to operate and improving overall productivity. Operators will find the seat suiting their physique.
  • Adjustable Seat & Control Levers +
  • The seat slides forward and backward with the control levers to ensure best operating position at all times. The operator will have ample legroom depending on his frame.

    Easy Maintanance

  • Extended Maintenance Intervals +
  • The advanced HydrauMind system ensures hydraulic oil properties are maintained longer than in conventional systems. This enhances the replacement interval of oil & filters, without the necessity of any special oils. The hydraulic system also eliminates the need of some consumables & components that are required in conventional systems.
  • Fully-opening engine hood +
  • The engine hood opens fully, making daily service checks easier, standing on the ground.
  • Easy bucket replacement +
  • The snap-ring type bucket pin fixture makes it simple to replace the bucket - just a single screwdriver is needed.
  • Battery +
  • Easy access is provided for maintenance and serviceability of the heavy duty 95 Ah battery.

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