( Horsepower - 44.1kW 60HP @ 1900 rpm Operating Weight - 7050kg ) The PC71 is equipped with HydrauMind, Komatsu's unique hydraulic system

HydraMind system is one of the most sophisticated yet mechanically simple simple hydraulic systems currently available. HydrauMind is not computer-dependent, as it is essentially hydraulic not electronic. Its strength lies in its simplicity. The system incorporates many major breakthroughs and has earned Komatsu almost 200 patents.
Power, Versatility, manoeuverability, controllability - you name it. never has an excavator baeen so easy to operate, so natural, so intuitive. In a sense, you don't really operate it at all, you wear it.

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  • Reliable Structure +
  • Durable Engine +
  • Through Undercarriage +
  • Heavy Duty Dozer Blade +
  • Other Features +
  • Working Environment

  • Suspension Seat +
  • Adjustable Seat & Control Levers +
  • Easy Maintanance

  • Extended Maintenance Intervals +
  • Fully-opening engine hood +
  • Easy bucket replacement +
  • Battery +