Hydraulic Excavator PC130

Hydraulic Excavator PC130

( Flywheel Horsepower - 66kW 89HP / 2200 min-1 Operating Weight - 12,600kg )
  • Powered by heavy duty Komatsu SAA4D95LE-3 diesel engine
  • Active mode for fast cycle times & faster production
  • Advanced CLSS hydraulics for fine control and quick working speeds
  • Two Boom Setting: Smooth & Power modes can be toggled to change the operation depending on the application.
  • Low Emission Engine: The Komatsu SAA4D95LE-3 conforms to global emission standards for reduced emissions
  • Environment - Friendly Mode: The Economy Mode of Operation offers reduced fuel consumption, quieter operation and lesser emission
  • The increased output and fuel savings of the Komatsu SAA4D95LE-3 engine result in improved production per unit of fuel. Komatsu PC130-7 gets its exceptional power and work capacity from a Komatsu SAA4D95LE-3 engine. Output is 89 HP/66kW, providing increased hydraulic power and improved fuel efficiency


    Working Environment

  • Spacious cab Interior +
  • The cab interior is spacious. An ergonomically - designed operator's seat and easy access to all control levers ensure maximum opearor comfort and better concentration on the job
  • Low vibration with cab damper mounting +
  • A multi-layer viscous mount system incorporates a long stroke along with a spring . The new cab damper mounting combined with a high-rigidity deck reduces vibration at the operator's seat.
  • Comparison of Riding Comfort +
  • Cab Damper Mounting

    Multi-Layer Viscous Mount
    Conditions:- Floor vibration while travelling forward at high speed over obstacles.
  • Adjustable Seat and Control Lavers +
  • The seat slides forward and backward together with the work equipment control levers to ensure the best operating position at all times.
  • Lock lever +
  • Locks the hydraulic pressure to prevent unintentional movement. Neutral start fuction only allows machine to be started in lock positions

    Safety and Maintanance

  • Protective Guards +
  • Thermal guard placed around high temperature parts of the engine provides adequate protection against accidental contacts, while the fan guard wards off impending hazards
  • Skid -Proof Surface +
  • The steps with its skid-proof surface provide safer grip while on machine for maintanance and servicing.
  • Large Handrail +
  • The large handrail with a provision to mount rear view mirror, supports easy climbing
  • Orderly arranged cooling system +
  • Since the radiator, after cooler and the oil cooler are arranged in parallel manner, it is easy to clean, remove and install

    Easy Maintanance

  • Self- Diagnostic Monitor +
  • Komatsu PC130-7 features an advanced diagonostics system. The Komatsu exclusive system identifies maintanance items, reduces diagonostic times, indicates oil and filter replacement hours and displays error code
  • Continuous machine Monitoring System +
  • When turning strting switch ON, check-before-starting item and caution items appear on the liquid crystal panel. If abnormalities are found, a warning lamp blinks and a warning buzzer sounds. The continuous machoine condition checks help prevent the development of serious probelms and allows the operator to concentrate on the controls.
  • Abnormalities on Electronic System Display with code +
  • When an error occurs during operation, a user code is displayed . When an important user code is displayed, a caution lamp blibks and a warning buzzer sounds to prevent the development of serous problems.
  • Oil Miantanance Function +
  • When machine exceeds oil or filter replacement time, oil maintanance monitor lights up to inform operator

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