(1.5T - 3.0T Automatic Diesel Forklift Capacity :1500 / 2000/ 3000 kg at 500 mm LC)

India's most fuel efficient Forklift in its class

A four-cylinder, BS-III diesel engine conforming to IS: 10000(1980) is used. Air inlet to the engine is through top of the canopy ensuring clean air if fed to the engine for longer life. The engine cooling system with cross flow radiator and a pusher type fan is standard. 12 volts electrical system with starter motor, alternator and battery is standard.
The truck is equipped with a world class transmission making the drive unit compact. The fully automatic transmission uses a torque converter, which has been matched to the engine characteristics using a computer programme. This provides stepless variable torque multiplication for meeting all specified load and road conditions. Gear shifting is done electrically, using an effortless shift lever mounted on the steering column. The hydraulic inching is a standard feature provided on the truck for easy maneuverability. A neutral gear start is a standard safety feature preventing accidental truck movement at the time of starting
Service brakes are heavy duty drum brakes that are self-energizing and self-adjusting, conforming to IS:9701 (2001). Independent hand Operated parking brake is provided for additional safety.
The axle is fabricated from steel plates for durability and strength. The axle is supported in the frame by using hardened steel bushing for providing the required articulation. The integrated balanced power cylinder is well protected inside the axle body. The axle assembly is made by using plain pin joints for ease of maintenance.
The hydrostatic power steering provides a finger touch effortless, smooth steering , enhancing operator comfort. The load sensing system saves power by using a priority valve that directs hydraulic flow for steering action only on demand.

Salient Features

Powerful BS-III complaint Fuel efficient Diesel engine

Reliable In house manufactured drive line for lower operating costs and increase performance

Single electric gear shift lever for Forward reverse / Hi-Low speed (Fully Automatic)

Top air inlet through canopy for cleaner air to engine

C-JJ wide view mast for clear front operator visibility

Ample operator leg room for longer hours of fatigue free operation

Wider operator foot rest for safer entry & exit

Large operator hand assisted access grip

Easy access combination switch

Ergonomically cowl-mounted controls for ease in operation

High combination lights for clear visibility & safety

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