L&T 990HF Tandem Compactor

Operating Weight: 10,000 kg
Frequency: 60l35Hz
Gross Power: 76 hp@2200 rpm
Engine: Ashok Leyland H4CT|C3N-BS ill

  • Higher frequencY for Best-in-class road surface finish
  • Patented vibration mechanism for superior performance
  • Efficient filtration system for better component life
  • Fuel efficient ALH series BSlll Engine
  • High drum shell thickness for superior life
  • Auto vibration cut-off when machine is stationarY to avoid scuffing
  • Side doors for enhanced ServiceabilitY
  • Rotating operator station improves edge visibility
  • lsolated operator platform for better operator comfort
  • Better illumination for working during nights
  • Suspended frame for better kerb clearance
  • Wide angle water spray nozzle for lower water usage
  • Low turning radius for better manoeuvrability
  • Best-in-class operating weight delivers better compaction in lesser number of passes
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    Operated Cabin

  • Revolving operator station with 5-position lock
  • Separate isolation for front console - steering wheel improving operator comfort
  • Ergonomically-designed switches
  • Glove box, recharge points provided
  • All switches easily accessible, emergency stop button provided
  • Wide rear view mirror for more visibility
  • Engine

  • Ashok Leyland engine 4 cylinder
  • water cooled H series BSlll
  • Mud filter, Fuel filter, Inline Flp
  • Water separator
  • Turbo pre-cleaner
  • Designed to avoid airlock
  • Superior suspended frame design

  • Better kerb clearance for
  • working at the road edges
  • Better visibility of the drum edge
  • Easy access to water sprinkling nozzles
  • High Gradeability

  • Capable of climbing 40% gradient
  • High ground clearance
  • Machine to work in hilly terriansand steep slopes
  • World class hydraulic components

  • "Closed circuit" hydraulic system with best-in-class hydraul ic components
  • Hydraulic System designed for opti m isi ng prod uctivity
  • Serviceability

  • Excellent air flow for better engine and hydraulic system cooling
  • Openable top hood/ side doors
  • Easy access for machine maintanence
  • All refill points accessable from ground level
  • Turbo Pre cleaner for better engine life