( Capacity Range - 1500 to 6000 kg/hr Standard Design Pressure - 10.54 & 17.5 kg/cm² (g)) The future of packaged multi-fuel fired steam boilers. Ultra Compact. High Performance

So far, the two major options for a solid fuel fired steam boiler were the Integrated Furnace Boiler and the conventional Hybrid Boiler. This meant that the choice boiled down to the reduced site work and better response to load of the Integrated Furnace Boiler, versus the promise of higher efficiency and fuel flexibility of the conventional Hybrid Boiler. What remained unexplored was the ideal solution - the best of both these designs packed into one boiler. But not any more. Because Combloc, the newest offering from the Thermax stable, is an amalgam of the best of these two designs and represents the future of packaged, multi-fuel fired steam boilers. This robust product is a highly compact, efficient, plug and play packaged boiler, designed to meet your steam requirements today and tomorrow.
  • • Compact, skid mounted and modular construction – up to 40% reduction in foot print
  • • Pre-insulated and factory assembled – up to 80% reduction in site work
  • • Flexibility of fuels (Biomass/ Fossil) and combustors
  • • Quick startup and better response to load fluctuations
  • • Multi-pass hybrid construction with high combustion volume – better efficiency
  • • Easy ash removal and better accessibility for maintenance

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COMBLOC With Different Combustors

Stationary Grate

  • Robust triplex grate combustor for high reliability
  • Higher grate area with better combustion volume
  • Large fire doors for easy fuel charging
  • Better accessibility to boiler internals
  • Bubbling Bed

  • Automatic fuel feeding
  • Unique nozzle design using CFD
  • Refractory baffle walls to ensure less carryover of fuel
  • Turbulent combustion and high furnace volume ensure combustion efficiency
  • Chain Grate

  • Auto fuel feeding
  • Progressive combustion with well defined combustion zones
  • Silent combustion leads to less emission
  • Special refractory arch design to achieve flame ignition and stabilization
  • Progressive combustion with well defined combustion zones
  • Horizontal Reciprocating Grate

  • Specially designed horizontal reciprocating grate with technology licensed from Lambion Energy Solutions GmbH, Germany
  • Progressive combustion with well defined combustion zones
  • Innovative arrangement of castings on the grate and two distinct zones for air supply for complete combustion
  • Automated ash removal
  • Multiple feeding systems for higher fuel flexibility
  • Fully automatic steam plant with fuel and ash handling systems (optional)